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American Graduate University (AGU) allows students, under certain conditions, to challenge two AGU courses in addition to any advance standing that they receive. To request a challenge examination, the student must have successfully completed, with a grade of B or higher, a course similar in content to the AGU course. The course must have been taken at a recognized educational institution. Permission to challenge a course is at the sole discretion of AGU.

Students have 45 days from receipt to complete and return the challenge examination. Students must score an 80% or higher on the examination. Students not achieving a score of 80% or failing to return the examination within the 45 day period will be required to enroll in the full course. Challenge examination fees will be credited to the full course tuition.

Questions should be addressed to the AGU Registrar at 626-966-4576 x1001 or to debbiemcdonald@agu.edu.

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