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In your first course package from AGU we included a pamphlet entitled, "Effective Learning Through Distance Education." This short pamphlet included a recommended study method for each of your lessons. We hope that you read the pamphlet and are incorporating the prescribed study pattern into your individual study method. However, we thought it might be helpful to provide a brief review for those of you who may have missed this the first time around!

Preview: Your first step should be to review the Lesson Objectives. Then read the prescribed text materials through the first time.

Question: Read the material a second time. As you read ask yourself, "What are the objectives of the lesson?" and "What are the important points?" Read the Lesson Review Exercises (LREs) and try to answer the questions without looking at the answers at the end of the lesson.

Read: Read the material for the third time keeping the Lesson Review Exercises in mind as you read, searching for the right answer for each LRE Item.

State: Answer the lesson review exercises in your own words in the space provided under each question.

Check: Check your answers to the Lesson Review Exercises with the ones provided at the back of the lesson. If your answer is different, go back to the text and re-read the applicable section.

If you carry out each of these steps you will be ready to successfully complete the Subject Examination at the end of the lesson. It may take a while to incorporate these steps into your study habits, but you will find that in the long run you will be spending less time than if you skipped the reading altogether and just hunted for the answers.

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