EdAlert: A brief message for AGU students.

A word from AGU about...


American Graduate University is required to enter final grades in the Air Force AFAEMS Academic institutional Portal for all students using Air Force tuition assistance. Grades are input every two weeks according to the completion dates shown on the Air Force Form 1227.

In some cases, the completion date on your tuition assistance approval form will not match your AGU completion date. This can occur if you do not allow yourself the full five months we offer for each course when requesting your tuition assistance. This can also occur if you receive an AGU extension to your initial term.

In the case of an extended AGU completion date, we understand that the Air Force cannot amend completion dates once they are in the system. We are still required to enter your grade once your name appears at the portal according to your original completion date. This may or may not generate an email from your Education Office concerning your incomplete course and the need to provide them with a grade within a certain period of time.

Students are urged to communicate with their Education Office regarding any AGU extension and keep copies of their correspondence should they receive such an incomplete course notice from the Air Force.

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