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Now that the calendar has changed to a new year, our thoughts begin to turn from the holiday season to tax-filing season. We gather our receipts, collect our documents, and plan that fateful trip to the accountant, or get ready to prepare our own returns.

When considering any potentially tax deductible out of pocket expenses such as tuition paid to American Graduate University, please keep in mind that AGU does not prepare or provide tax forms such as the 1098-T for tuition paid. The university does not participate in federal financial aid programs and, therefore, is not required to file these forms with the IRS.

While it may be possible for you to use your receipts as evidence of payment for tax purposes, we strongly urge you to discuss this with your tax professional regarding the legality of deducting these expenses and how to properly do so.

Please take a moment now to ensure you have all your receipts from 2016 for the tuition you have personally paid. If you are missing any, please contact Debbie McDonald (debbiemcdonald@agu.edu) for replacement copies.

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