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There are many reasons adult students take a break from their studies. Family matters, busy days at the office, lack of funding, deployment, taking a break after finishing a hard course ‐ any one of these can cause you to set your studies aside for awhile. And once you take a break, it's not always easy to get back to your studies.

Not to worry &dasph; we're here to help. At AGU, our focus is on enabling our students to reach their educational goals, and we offer many options for you to get back on track.

Do you have an unfinished course? Do you need more time? Have you passed your program term limit? What course should you take next? Could you utilize a payment plan? Finished all your courses and wonder what's next? Worried about your comprehensive exam or final written project?

Let us help... we are always happy to answer your questions and guide you to your next step forward. Please use this quick guide below and give us a call today!


Laurie Mejia | 877-351-9060, Ext. 1007 | 626-915-1709 (fax) | lauriemejia@agu.edu

 Admission/Graduation Requirements
 Comprehensive Exams/Final Projects
 Advanced Standing (Transfer Credit)
 Application Status
 VA (GI Bill Information)


Debbie McDonald | 877-351-9060, Ext. 1001 | 626-915-1709 (fax) | info@agu.edu

 Course Registrations/Textbook Replacement
 Course Payments/Payment Plan
 Tuition Assistance
 Course Shipments
 Change of Address
 Transcript Requests


Rachel Ruiz | 877-351-9060, Ext. 1005 | 626-332-8149 (fax) | studentservices@agu.edu

 Exam Requests
 Grade Notifications
 Grade Disputes
 Proctor Changes


Rachel Ruiz | 877-351-9060, Ext. 1005 | 626-332-8149 (fax) | rachelruiz@agu.edu

 Course Extensions
 Leave of Absence
 Course Evaluations

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