EdAlert: A brief message for AGU students.

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If you have not registered recently for a course, we understand. Life events can put studies on the back burner. So we'd like to remind you that we have some options that can help you get back on track with your studies.

If you have an incomplete course, we offer extensions and reenrollments to allow you the necessary time to complete the course. Extensions and reenrollments can be requested by completing the Extension Reenrollment Request Form and submitting it to Rachel Ruiz (rachelruiz@agu.edu).

If you have not registered for a new course due to a lack of tuition assistance or other available funding, you should take advantage of our per-course payment plan. This simple plan breaks course tuition into three equal payments of $325. Payment 1 is due at registration; payment 2 is due at 30 days from the date of registration; and payment 3 is due at 60 days from the registration date. To opt for the plan, register for your course on the web site at www.agu.edu, check the Payment Plan box as your form of payment, and submit the Payment Plan Agreement. Payments are made automatically using the credit/debit card you provide on your payment plan agreement. There is no interest or fees charged for this option.

Don't let an unfinished course or payment problem get in the way of completing your degree or certificate. If you have any questions about registering for your next course, please contact the Registrar, Debbie McDonald, at debbiemcdonald@agu.edu.

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