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"I think the dynamic programs offered by AGU are terrific for the working professional. The courses and material are timely and relevant to my career field. I was able to set a personal goal and achieve my dream of earning a Master of Contract Management. I look forward to seeking out new challenges and being an even more productive member of my Agency.

Lynne Ware – AGU Graduate – Master of Contract Management

“It has always been a goal of mine to obtain my masters. However, without the on-line program from AGU that allows you to work at your own pace, this dream would never come true for me with my husband, children, and work obligations.”

Mickie R. McClain, MBA Candidate, Program Manager

“AGU offers a GREAT value for your money. The classes are well-thought out and informative. The university employees are helpful, polite, and responsive. The professors are knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and resolve issues. I’ve never regretted my decision and recommend AGU to all my co-workers. ”

Kiana Hagans, MBA Graduate, Contracting Officer

"Staff of AGU were professional at all times and very timely in answering e-mails/questions, etc. All customer service organizations should model the staff of AGU."

April Chapel - AGU Graduate - Master of Acquisition Management - Chief, Cost Accounting - Eglin AFB, FL

“A great experience; I recommend AGU to all of my co-workers. Distance learning doesn't mean "easy" I found my work as challenging and the content similar to those attending in-residence programs. My flexibility far surpassed theirs.”

Kenneth Compton, AGU Graduate, Master of Project Management

“The program at AGU was fantastic. It taught me critical thinking skills that enhanced my abilities to do my job. It also afforded me the opportunity to work at my own pace at home. I would recommend AGU’s program to anyone.”

Dale George - AGU Graduate - MBA/Acquisition & Contracting - Procurement Analyst

“This is an excellent program which provided a valuable education with respect to the field of my employment. I have recommended several full time working adults to consider AGU for their educational needs based upon AGU’s curriculum and self-paced and technologically sound setting.”

Mary Abbott - AGU Graduate - Master of Acquisition Management

“AGU has a wonderful program that not only challenges the student, but allows the student to complete their degree at their own pace and schedule."

Kimberly D. Turner - AGU Graduate - Master of Acquisition Management - Contracting Officer, USAF

"AGU, far and away, provided the best combination of availability, applicability, and affordability.”

George Macomber, 2012 Graduate of the Year, Master of Contract Management, Sr. Director of Contracts, AAI Corporation


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