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American Graduate University has been renamed "Patten University". Students who enrolled in AGU prior to September 2022 can access the university through this web page. New Students can enroll or contact us at


Online Exams

To access the online exam system, click here. If you have not received your user name and password, contact Student Services at

For Course Final Exams, continue to use the forms on this page.

Exam forms are listed below. Remember that essay questions or case problems that are part of a final exam should be emailed to separately, or they may be faxed to (626) 915-1709.

Examination forms are in three (3) pages, so please fill/print each one separately and then submit/fax.

AGU Electronic Examination Form 1 (Question 1-50)

AGU Electronic Examination Form 2 (Question 51-100)

AGU Electronic Examination Form 3 (Question 101-150)

AGU Electronic Examination Form 4 (Question 151-200)

AGU Electronic Examination Form 5 (Essay/Application Projects)

Final Examination Request Form



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